What are your toes saying to you?
Toe Tidbits

Briefly the following indicates what each of your toes represents. There is so much more to each toe than what I have posted here but this should give you an overview of the "ten chapters of your life", your ten toes.

The first toe is called the Ether Toe. It usually gets lots of attention during a toe reading because it immediately and obviously answers the question, "Are you walking your destined path?" The left Ether Toe represents your relationship with the spiritual side as well as the emotional self.  The right Ether Toe represents life purpose and career. The straighter the Ether Toes the more likely the person has been "on path". The more crooked or bent the Ether Toes the more likely they have settled for less or have been forced "off path".

The second toe is the Communication Toe, also called the Air Toe. This toe helps us understand what the first 5 to 12 years of life was like. The left Air Toe is a very good indicator of a person's relationship with their Higher Self or Spirit. While the right Air Toe reflects their communication and expression to others in the world. It is often the place where criticism from others is stored. The length of the Air Toe indicates the person's ability to coach and instill confidence in others as well as the volume of talking they do.

The middle toe is the Fire Toe. It is known as the Action toe, the Passion Toe and the "Poor Me" Toe. This toe reveals a person's procrastination tendencies, how directive they are, the likelihood of their completing a task, what kind of lover they might be, and if they have any tendencies to feel sorry for themselves.

The Water Toe is the fourth toe, also known as the Relationship Toe. This toe is all about relationships with yourself and others.The fourth toe on your left foot represents your relationship to Self, Higher Self or Spirit. While the fourth toe on your right foot records your relationship to others, like family, work, community and authority.

Finally we come to the little toes known as the Earth Toes. The right Earth Toe (sometimes called the Money Toe) will hold a person's deep beliefs about money, abundance, family, power and sexuality issues. The emotions of the right Earth Toe revolve around fear, insecurities, and betrayal. The left Earth Toe is all about trust and trusting----trusting the Universe, trusting other people and trusting yourself.

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