What are your toes saying to you?
             Your Talking Toes
                     What are your toes saying to you?

Toe Reading is based on the theory that your body holographically records the story of your life. This story is expressed in your feet and toes and can be “read” to reveal your history.

Feet very accurately reflect the physical and emotional health and well-being of a person. An over simplification of this technique would be to say that well balanced people have beautiful, evenly shaped and spaced toes. The toes of people who have had more challenging lives will appear “toe-tied”, depicting the lumps and bumps, twists and turns of the personal and emotional lives they have lived up to this point in time. The ever-changing characteristics of the feet, toes and nails provide valuable clues to the inner struggles or inner resolve of their story.


For example, the angle of the toes reveal whether the person is innately shy or outgoing.  Toes that point directly ahead suggest confidence and a forthright approach to life. The “healthiest” angle for the toes is an upright, flexible position. When the toes become exhausted and weighted down, you can bet that the person is feeling the same way about their life.


Keen observation, coupled with intuitive listening, can produce a reading that taps into the deeply hidden stories that have shaped that person’s destiny.


There are certain characteristics that you are born into this life with which are said to be your “Destined Path” qualities. These show up in your natural toes. The choices you make may change or even deform your toes. These are known as your Adapted Toes.


Distortions of the feet outwardly display how the stories of a person’s life have become distorted. Everything from passive submission to deep seated anger is harbored within the sole of the foot, directly reflecting the soul or life lesson.


Often during a reading, suppressed or forgotten memories may resurface, creating an opportunity to re-evaluate or emote. This release of energy brings new awareness and integration to the story being held in the body and recorded in the foot’s sole, as well as the greater soul. From this new awareness, a choice may be made to allow transformational healing to occur.


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